Welcome to Jörg's homepage!

Hello and welcome to my personal homepage.

I have been running it since 2002, as it was always a passion of mine, to have a presence on the web, that is self-created, self-hosted and completely as I like it to be.
It is not an ambition of this site to be always up-to-date; rather, I have created a couple of sections I found to be interesting to share:
  • in CV & projects I'll tell you a little about myself and what I do professionally
  • the Concert Log is a personal database of music concerts and festivals I have been to
  • in Music you can find out about my own compositions (I play keyboard and the guitar)
  • the Photos page contains exactly what you think it will. ☺

I'm not on (most) social media, although you can find me on these platforms:
GitHub | LinkedIn | YouTube
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Thanks to anyone working on these projects!